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At Tyger River Pet Resort, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

     I have a genuine passion for dogs and animals in general, having grown up surrounded by pets such as horses, cats, hamsters, birds, and rabbits. As an adult, I have continued to nurture this love by providing care for other people's pets, developing extensive experience in handling dogs ranging from 10 to over 100 pounds in size, and taking great pleasure in caring for all breeds.

     Eleven years ago, I had the opportunity to work at a boarding facility owned by a close friend, an experience that ignited my passion for pet care and affirmed my desire to pursue it professionally. Subsequently, I launched my own in-home pet setting service seven years ago, and have further contributed to the community by volunteering at an animal shelter and fostering many dogs, with a natural ability to form strong bonds with these beloved animals.

     In my leisure time, I enjoy various activities such as scuba diving, flower planting, painting, going to the beach, and spending quality time with my own beloved dogs, whom I cherish dearly. I am married and have a blended family of four adult children.


Tyger River Dog Boarding
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